About Quantex:

The development of new values is the main way to get competitive advantage. Quantex Consulting Limited (Quantex) is a Cyprus based services and software company, whose business is turning effective the client's vision through consulting, software and integration.

In our point of view, technology alone is not enough. We create solutions that deliver significant new value to customers, and get those solutions to the market quickly and conveniently. The solution is successful when the demands for technology, art, humanities and cost minimization criteria were married and optimized.

We achieve the development of new values through independence of mind and honest advice. Our focus on the results and tuning effective the client’s vision help us to design successful solutions.

Our experience:

·         Founded in 1999

·         Network of highly experienced and qualified professionals

Why Quantex:

·         Business driven / Development of new values - Honest  advise, value far exceeds fees

·         Delivery

o   Painless where others fail

o   Focus on what the client need

·         Strong Technically

·         Well-connected and respected with 25+ years’ experience

Our Offerings:

·         Strategy - We work with you to bring digital strategy to life, helping you to meet the realities of today…and tomorrow. This isn’t a technology exercise.

·         Web - We help you to realise innovative and enterprise web and cloud solutions to boost your business. From strategy and development through to final implementation, we can help you build a powerful online presence.

·         Mobile - We aim to deliver mobile solutions that will please your users and your decision makers.

·         Information Management - Companies today have more information than they can handle.  Yet many are struggling to turn that information into insights that will help them manage their business better. We can help you develop the skills to allow information users to succeed in the digital age.

·         Managed Services - It doesn’t always make sense to do it all yourself. Sometimes a more engaging customer experience can be had without upfront investment. You focus on what you do best- delight your customer. We help you achieve that.

Our Solutions:

Our independence:

·         Thought & Knowledge

·         Disruptive innovation “THINK outside the box”

·         Help CLIENT to create new market and COMPETITIVE advantage

·         DELIVER solutions to support client’s business progress

Our ethics:

Quantex is completely independent. We achieve this through independence of mind, behavior, and funding. We adopt a high standard of ethics, professionalism, honesty and auditability. We define ethics as propriety in all our business transactions, observance of all our commitments, trading on the basis of our earned reputation and a commitment to avoid corruption.

This policy has been adopted because it is right and because where we have seen unethical behavior and corruption the impact has been to detriment of the organization, its clients and its staff. Unfair bidding practices lead to inflated cost for work and the impossibility of imposing adequate controls over the quality of work delivered. Unethical relationships with the staff lead to increased risk though the breakdown of risk management controls. Unethical relationships between competitors lead to cartels, resulting in unfair pricing and a reduction in the total size of the affected market. Unethical relationships with clients is a cancel which eats at the heart of our business.


We serve our clients with integrity, competence and objectivity. We keep client’s information and records of client engagements confidential.


We only accept engagements for which we are qualified by our experience and competence.


We agree with our clients in advance the basic for our fees and expenses that are reasonable, legitimate, and commensurate with the services we deliver and the responsibility we accept.

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Michalis Halios

Managing Director

Quantex Consulting Limited

Tarsou 16, 2035, Nicosia, Cyprus

By Telephone: +357 99354002

By email:             info@quantex.com.cy